Ultimate Fitness Inc. located in Winter Park, Florida offers personal training, metabolism testing, specialty boot camps, plus size ONLY fitness classes, (SUP) stand up paddle boarding classes, massage therapy and much more. Our private facility offers state-of-the-art equipment in an intimate setting, with our personal attention to make sure you meet or exceed your weight loss goals.

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Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp: a 30-Day transformation to help you jump start your metabolism,
guaranteed weight loss up to 20 lbs. (Read More on Boot Camp)

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Bud’s Ultimate Fitness, Inc. offers the latest and up to date programs that enable clients to manage their health in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions related to obesity.


Bud’s personal training studio offers a supportive and safe environment where each client receives the attention he or she needs to achieve their personal fitness goals. The ways this is accomplished it through the following:

  • Plus Size Fitness Class
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Physical Fitness Assessment
  • Monthly reunion check-ins (on-going)
  • Private and Group Fitness classes (on-going)
  • Private sessions that help the client identify the emotional core issues that cause unhealthy eating behaviors that contribute to obesity and ill health.


  • Changing Lives from the Inside Out.

orlando plus size fitnessCLASSES

  • One-On-One Personal Training: Private sessions with a trainer
  • Group Fitness ClassesSmall groups training together in an intimate atmosphere; includes cardio and weight training.
  • Spinning: Stationary bike cycling classes where as much as 500 calories can be burned per hour
  • Friends & Fitness Night: Do you and your friends talk about losing weight but are not members of a gym? At Ultimate Fitness, Inc., we have solved that problem. You can now rent your own gym for a Friends and Fitness Night! You will have your own space in our gym and your group can choose any class they would like to try.
  • Stretch and Meditation: Helps with joint health, flexibility and relaxation
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddle): Develops core strength and upper body strength while enjoying the outdoors
  • Fit-Kids Program


  • Full Fill Your Life Retreat: 5 1/2 -Day sequestered retreat for personal empowerment; lose up for 20 pounds in 5 days
  • 30 Day Boot Camp: “Sister program” of the Full Fill Your Life Retreat; lose between 25-40 pounds in 30 days
  • Plus Size Fitness: Group Fitness for 4-5 people in a private setting so that no one feels self-conscious, regardless of their size or physical conditioning
  • Wedding Dress Boot Camp: A fun way for the bride and/or wedding party to get in shape for that special day


  • Nutritional Programs: personalized menu plans developed for the client’s specific body type
  • Physical Fitness Assessment: at initial visit, client’s baseline fitness level is determined to develop the direction of the overall fitness plan
  • Body Composition and Evaluation: includes the current body weight and calculation of percentage body fat and lean muscle mass
  • BMI (Body Mass Index): A calculation to determine if a client is under/overweight or obese
  • BMR (Basil Metabolic Rate): a calculation to determine the number of calories burned in a day without purposeful exercise

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