Ultimate Fitness Inc. located in Winter Park, Florida offers personal training, metabolism testing, specialty boot camps, plus size ONLY fitness classes, (SUP) stand up paddle boarding classes, massage therapy and much more. Our private facility offers state-of-the-art equipment in an intimate setting, with our personal attention to make sure you meet or exceed your weight loss goals.

Ultimate Fitness: “winning the weight loss war one pound at a time!”

Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp: a 30-Day transformation to help you jump start your metabolism, guaranteed weight loss up to 20 lbs. (Read More on Boot Camp)

Mini Camp

1 week experience guaranteed to lose 1 dress/pant size.

Personal Training

1 on 1: just you and your trainer work together, no waiting in line for equipment.


This program will help you understand the mind – body connection. We will help you change your relationship with food and help you recognize the triggers that cause you to overeat.

Metabolism Testing

What is your metabolism? How many calories do you burn in a day? We can tell you!

Body Fat Testing

Do you know how much fat you are carrying around on your body? We can tell you!

Spinning Classes

Private or Semi-Private…you choose…burns 900 calories or more per class!

Mat Pilates

Exercises that focus on the mind-body connection help you get more centered and relieve stress. They also help you strengthen your body without all the stress of exercises like running and weights. Mat Pilates is a type of mind-body exercise promising the regular participant a longer, leaner body. If you’re an avid exerciser try a adding a mat pilates to your exercise routine, it could be a refreshing change to your workout. Classes are held every Tuesday evening from 6 -7 PM.

Massage Therapy

Most people know that massage therapy is a proven and effective means of relaxation and stress relief.

Personal Coach

What’s holding you back? Now you have your personal coach to help you set and reach your goals.


Be coached by one of Central Florida’s top Elite coaches. Infant to Adult.


Paddleboarding will show you the benefits of building strength through balance and resistance, as well as how standup paddling burns calories. (Read more on Paddleboarding for fitness)

Plus Size Pilates

(Read more on Plus Size Pilates)

Baby Fat Boot Camp

This weight loss boot camp is geared towards new mommies who want to lose the baby fat and get back to their pre-natal weight. (Read more on Baby Fat Boot Camp)

Wedding Dress Boot Camp

This weight loss boot camp is geared towards women who are wanting to lose up to 20 pounds for that special day. (Read more on Wedding Dress Boot Camp)

Body Boot Camp

TOTAL BODY BOOT CAMP IS THE BRAINCHILD OF ROSEMARIE BUD SEAMAN AND SANDY CANFIELD, BOTH WELL RECOGNIZED, accomplished professionals in their respective fields of exercise physiology and psychotherapy. The cornerstone of their total body boot camp concept is that there is an undeniable connection between the mind and body. The underlying issues in peoples’ lives are universally about unmet needs and nurturance and conditioning of both is necessary to bring about meaningful physical and psychological change. Together, Bud and Sandy have combined their years of experience and their unique talents to create a wellness program that addresses not only physical fitness and weight loss, but psychological fitness as well. Total Body Boot Camp is an exciting, life transforming experience. (more)

Plus Size Fitness Classes

Getting motivated to hit the gym can be a struggle for anyone, but for those who are significantly overweight or obese, the experience can be intimidating. This class is specifically only for those that need to lose 50 pounds or more. This class caters to obese people wanting to change their lifestyle and NOT people trying to maintain 10% body fat. (Read more on plus size fitness classes)

Our Vision

Bud’s Ultimate Fitness, Inc. offers the latest and up to date programs that enable clients to manage their health in order to reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions related to obesity.

Our Mission

Bud’s personal training studio offers a supportive and safe environment where each client receives the attention he or she needs to achieve their personal fitness goals. The ways this is accomplished it through the following:

  • Plus Size Fitness Class
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Health Coaching
  • Nutrition Planning
  • Physical Fitness Assessment
  • Monthly reunion check-ins (on-going)
  • Private and Group Fitness classes (on-going)
  • Private sessions that help the client identify the emotional core issues that cause unhealthy eating behaviors that contribute to obesity and ill health.

Our Purpose

Changing Lives from the Inside Out.

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