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Are you ready to learn more about yourself in a safe, caring and beautiful environment? Are you willing to learn how to let go of the extra pounds that you have been struggling to lose and keep off? The reason that you have not had the success you desire is because there is more to losing weight than taking off pounds.

Through your experience at this 5 ½ day sequestered retreat, you will have the valuable time you’ve needed, but have often put off, to understand yourself and why you struggle with your eating addiction. Yes, it is an eating addiction that has its roots in underlying unexpressed emotions that are driving you to eat to fill a need for which food is not the answer.

This FULL FILL YOUR LIFE RETREAT is the brain child of exercise physiologist and personal trainer, Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman and Sandy Canfield, L.M.H.C. They realized that clients lost weight and maintained their weight loss when they worked on the therapeutic issues that lead them to overeat and make poor food choices.

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Full Fill Your Life Retreat is a unique fitness getaway and weight loss vacation that is about changing your life from the inside out. We will help you challenge yourself and discover your real potential and enjoy life at the same time. Remember its is not what you are eating but whats eating you!

Our 5 night 6 day retreat is located in the Rosen Centre Hotel. The all-inclusive package provides the following:

Wellness Program to include

• 3 Psychotherapy sessions
• Daily Personal Training sessions
• Spinning
• Strength and Core Training
• Cardio Training
• Fitness Evaluation

Also included

• Luxury Hotel accommodations
• 5 Healthy Chef prepared meals per day
• 1 hour Deep Tissue Massage
• Nutritional Education
• “Owner’s Manual” to help you to continue your new lifestyle
• Follow-ups with our expert staff We have worked with the catering staff at the hotel to prepare healthy meals that are designed to help you shed body fat and maintain lean muscle mass. The meals will be eaten as a group so that we can provide you the tools to manage your own day to day decisions on the meal plan. Our Nationally known and Certified staff will encourage and motivate you during your stay and they will provide you with a customized workout program that can be use after leaving the retreat.

What to Bring

• Running shoes with treaded soles
• Swimwear as there are several pools and hot tubs for your enjoyment
• Heart monitor
• IPod with your favorite music
• Workout apparel for 6 days
• Personal care items
• Camera

What is a Typical Day? 

Our retreat begins early to jumpstart your metabolism. There will 4 – 5 hours of structured fitness activities per day. During down time the guests are free to enjoy their massage, soak in the hot tubs, lay by the many pools or rest.

Typical Daily Schedule

5:00 am – 8:00 am workout

8:00 am Breakfast

10:00 am mid-morning snack

10:30 -5:45pm Psychotherapy (clients 1-5)

12:00 -1:00pm spinning for clients 6 -10

1:45pm Lunch

4:45pm mid-afternoon snack

5:30 -6:30 spinning for clients 1 – 5

7:00 pm Dinner

Pay Online

$650.00 minimum down payment ($450.00 Non-refundable/non-transferable) due upon registration.