Fit-Kids Program

I’m always interested in ways to help my clients stay fit, motivated, and healthy through innovative programs.  Although I typically work with adults, I quickly realized how many children and teenagers struggle with the issue of being overweight.  I saw the need for a fitness program for this population and created “A Fit-Kids Program” so that I could help them learn to incorporate a healthy lifestyle NOW before they reach adulthood.

We see in the media, the topic of bullying and how it can be traumatizing toward kids and teens who are overweight, obese or have body issues.  This often leaves them feeling shameful for the rest of their lives.  These children need a safe place to go where they can lose weight, learn about healthy nutrition, and have fun in a supportive environment.   My boutique-style gym is that place. Everyone can fit on the equipment regardless of size. My machines accommodate up to 500lbs. I want all my clients to feel accepted, safe and encouraged towards achieving their goals.

Alessia Vivod, who has a M.S. in psychology and is an expert in physical fitness, has joined our staff and loves working with children and adolescents. With this skillset combination, she helps children get fit, as well as educate and discusses the emotions that lead them to overeat and make poor food choices.   

This specialized Fit-Kids Program is ongoing and anyone can join at any time.  Our Summer Fitness Program for kids starts on July 10th through the 21st.  It is open to 10 kids/week for a two- hour wellness session each day Monday through Friday.  The cost is $125/week/child, with a 10% discount if a child enrolls for the entire two-weeks. We are currently finalizing our summer program information and it can be found on our website very soon.

We are excited to partner with you to keep kids healthy and fit!  I will follow up with you within the week to set up an appointment so we can discuss how we can mutually benefit one another.  You can go to our web-site for additional information on all of our programs and staff.

Sincerely Yours,

Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman
Ultimate Fitness Inc.