A fun spin on Spinning Class

Put a new spin on Spinning

An intimate atmosphere provides a safe place for clients to do their best and enjoy other’s company.

In Spinning, it isn’t difficult to elevate your heart rate. In fact it’s really way too easy.

However, getting your heart rate high isn’t necessarily the only purpose of Spinning.

Yes, it is important that you work hard and keep your heart rate above its normal range. But controlling your heart rate, as well as your workout, is the ultimate goal.

Being able to keep your workout at the level you want is much more challenging than letting your heart rate dictate when you simply have to stop exercising.

Has this ever happened to you: you come to the gym expecting to spend one hour doing cardio, but 35 or 40 minutes into your ride you just can’t continue because you are way too tired?

By learning to work smarter, not harder you can control your workout so that it doesn’t control you. Imagine it as working as long as you wanted without running out of steam.

But for most of the people in the gym that is simply a cute little saying without much meaning. By learning how to keep your heart rate under control you can be the boss of your own body.

There are several techniques that can help you keep control and even allow you to work harder without giving up in defeat.

The first technique sounds elementary, but many exercisers never utilize this simple trick. Keeping your breathing under control is the easiest way to maintain your exercise intensity.

As your workload increases, you have a tendency to hold your breath. When your breathing becomes cut off or shallow your heart rate begins to rise. Being aware when you hold your breath is important. Inhale through your nose to get the most air as you breathe.

Staying hydrated is another factor in keeping your workout under control. Never let yourself get thirsty because that means you are already dehydrated. As little as 6% dehydration can cause your heart rate to soar, thus making it difficult for you to continue a high intensity workout.

Another way to help keep your workout where you want it to be is to remember not to over do it. Pacing yourself is important. Just as a horse must  pace himself in a race, a cyclist must also learn to ride from “start to finish” without burning out before the end of the ride. Take it easy at first and work up from there.