Ron’s Emotional Journey to Weight Loss

As Ron learned from working with Bud at Bud’s Ultimate Fitness, losing weight is only one component to being successful.  Bud works with local psychologist, Sandy Canfield, L.M.H.C., to help clients identify the underlying emotions that cause them to overeat and lead them to food addiction.

Ron went through several life stressors in the last couple years that included contracting bacterial meningitis, loss of his job, increased neuropathy in his feet due to elevated blood sugar levels, a slipped disc, and a divorce!  This has been a lot to bear, and needless to say, these factors not only had a physical impact but an emotional one as well.  Working with Sandy to identify and express his emotions, especially about his divorce, has helped him deal with the feelings and not stuff them down with food.  Bud’s support and motivation along with Sandy’s emotional support are helping him to stay on track with this commitment to wellness and losing weight.

Ron wants to be open with his emotional ups and downs as he travels his journey so that others struggling like him can feel supported and that there is help to deal with food addiction.