Ron’s Food Challenge Continues…

As Ron reports (as of Tuesday, March 10):

Very difficult couple of weeks.  Healthy eating has been a real struggle due to emotional and financial issues. I ate out at restaurants more often than I needed to and did not control my portion sizes.  After eating too many carbs and sugar from the desserts, my blood sugar also went up.  Fortunately, friends reached out to me and helped me to get through the worst part to get back on track.  Since my last weigh in at the gym, I lost another 3 pounds on the scale for a total of 13 pounds since January 1. In addition, my body fat percentage has gone down from 24.6% to 21.1%

I am a bit disappointed that I have not lost more weight, but am reminding myself that this is a process of behavioral change and not just about losing weight. I added in an extra day of workout so now am working out 4 days per week.  That should help my progress toward reach health goals, like reducing my weight as well at blood sugar.