Ron’s Weight Loss Journey & Update

Before giving Ron’s stats for the months of January and February, he wanted to share his current life situation. This directly impacts his emotions, and as he is learning, dealing with the emotions is what he needs to do in order to keep focused on his wellness plan. Ron shares:

Really struggled with eating this week due to news about my former wife getting engaged to be married.  Also am having difficult financial issues.  I feel very sad about my divorce and overwhelmed by my deteriorating financial situation.  I am angry that the plans I had for retirement are no longer possible.  It looks like I will have to sell my house and go back to work.  I have not pursued work because of my chronic back pain.  I had another epidural shot in my back for the pain from my slipped disc, but with little or no relief.  Very discouraging!  I am going to have to look at other options such as a neurostimulator or surgery.

Of course I turn to food for comfort when I get overwhelmed, so I did some binge eating this week.  This only put me in my cycle of guilt and shame about the eating because I did not deal with my emotions in a healthy way.  I have contacted friends to talk about my emotions and discussed them in therapy which I will continue to do next week.  I also continued my exercise plan which includes interacting with caring people at the gym (Ultimate Fitness) and that helps as well.  I will get back on track!!!

Ron’s February Photos and Statistics:

20150223_065811_resized 20150223_065755_resized

January starting statistics:                  February statistics:

Weight 272 lbs.                                   Weight 262 lbs., lost 10 lbs.

% Fat 24.6                                           % Fat 22.0, lost 2.6%

Fat lbs. 66.9                                        Fat lbs. 57.6; lost 9.3 lbs. of fat

Muscle 205.1 lbs.                               Muscle 204.4, lost .7%

BMI 32.6                                           BMI 31.4

BMR 1411.8                                      1391.3

As of February 22, Ron is now at 258.8 lbs.