Ron’s “Year of Being Healthy”

For 2015, Ron decided that this will be his Year of Being Healthy and he agreed to allow us to chronicle his health journey through the year.  We will be posting pictures/ videos of his progress along with his stats regarding weight loss, sugar levels, BMI and BMR.  He will also discuss issues that may impede his progress from time to time as he gets help from personal trainer, Bud Seaman, on how to move through and find solutions to these problems.

By sharing this intimate experience, Ron hopes that others who are overweight/obese and have a food addiction, can gain inspiration from reading about his journey and be able to take their own journey to health and wellness. Ron’s goals include:

  • Reduce weight to 200 pounds
  • Reduce blood sugar levels to below 100
  • Reduce cholesterol to target levels
    Ron starts his journey

    Ron starts his journey

    Ron at Bud's gym, Ultimate Fitness

    Ron at Bud’s gym, Ultimate Fitness