Ultimate Fitness Takes Plus Size Fitness Message out to the Community

Last night, Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman, owner of Ultimate Fitness, was a guest speaker at Florida Hospital Celebration Health. Her message about the Plus Size Fitness program that she developed for those who want to lose 50 pounds or more, was presented to the Bariatric Surgery Support group at Celebration Health.  The Plus Size Fitness program has proven to be especially effective for people who are considering bariatric surgery in order to achieve their weight loss goals.

Bud stressed the importance of pre-surgery weight loss before even considering the surgery.  This fact was echoed by the Director of the program, Sharon Krzyzanzowski.  After surgery, it is important to continue on a weight loss program, and Bud has been successful doing this with clients through her Plus Size Fitness Program.

The Plus Size Fitness Program treats clients with compassion and understanding.  Bud clears the gym for them so that they may participate in a private and supportive environment. There is no judgment for how one looks and no one needs to worry about dressing in the latest fitness attire!  It’s come as you are. One of her bariatric surgery clients has lost 180 pounds, so this is a beautiful testament to how the Plus Size Fitness Program works.  Please come and join us in your journey to wellness.