Wedding Dress Boot Camp

This weight loss boot camp is geared towards women who are wanting to lose up to 20 pounds for that special day. Exercise will boost your energy, help fight the stress of the wedding day plans, strengthen your muscles and help you with pressure of being a newly married couple, plus you will lose weight!

Are you worried about how things will work out, or are you going to fit into your dress? Don’t worry, we have the program for you. You will be guided through this 6 week program by National Trainer Sandy Canfield, LMHC, and Olympic Swimmer Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman. Through personalized workouts, diet specific meal plans, weekly psychotherapy sessions and weekly massage treatments you can say yes to the dress and start your new life out healthy and happy.

Program Details

  • 1 hour workouts 4 days per week semi-private only 5 to a class
  • Body Specific meal plan
  • Weekly private couples session with our Psychotherapist
  • Weekly massages