Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp

When you enlist in Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp and you follow the plan as outlined it is impossible for you to fail.

You will lose the weight you always wanted to lose. It has worked for lots of people already and it will work for you. You will see incredible results in a very short period of time.

You eat real food, there are no special meals to buy, shakes or pills.

The key to our program is identifying your body composition and finding the right combination of foods to speed up your unique metabolism. You will actually use food to lose your weight and keep it off.

Not everyone can eat the same foods the same way and the same amount and get the same results.

Our program is designed to your exact body type. The foods that make you gain weight may not have any effect on someone else. You need to understand your own metabolism and how it reacts to foods, and what foods will help you lose body fat and keep your lean muscle to speed up your metabolism. Once you do that you can eat more not less. And since you’re eating real food that you can get at any grocery store or restaurant, you can eat this way the rest of your life.


Your Program Consists of

  • Three hours of 1 on 1 workouts, four days per week.
  • One hour of personal empowerment coaching once a week (required)
  • Nutritious menu plan, eating real foods, NO Shakes or Bars.

Keep track of your progress with Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp journal.

It is available for purchase for $15 (includes shipping)!

boot camp orlandoboot camp journal

Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp isn’t just working out, it encompasses the mind, body and spirit. TBBC is a 30-day transformation, life-changing experience.

orlando body workoutbody workout

These lunch boxes are available for purchase from Bud’s Ultimate Fitness only. $44.99

Weight Loss fees now Deductible!

As of April 2, 2002, the IRS ruled (rev.rul. 2002-19) that costs associated with participation in a weight loss program for taxpayers suffering from a weight-related disease are now deductible. A physician prescription is required to access this deduction.

Take back you power and change your life today!

100% money – back guarantee!

What our Boot Campers Say

“Believe me you can eat more and lose weight because I have done it! I went from a size 22 to a size 14. I was eating the wrong foods and that is why I wasn’t losing weight or enough food to lose weight. I have lost 45 lbs. and 30 inches off my body!”

“For years I tried to lose weight, eat salads and skip meals, and run my butt off. What surprised me most was the amount of food I get to eat and how I have lost so much weight and in such a short amount of time. I am now eating 5 – 6 times a day, and I have lost 30 lbs. and 24.5 inches off my body. I have gone from elastic waistband pants to form fitting!”

Learn the real secrets to weight loss from the people who have been successful. Excuses are just another way not to take responsibility for yourself. Take back your power and change your life today!