Ron’s Fitness Journey Has Ups and Downs

Ron struggled this week with his weight loss program and fell into an old pattern of emotional eating.  This is what he says:

“Really struggled with food craving this week. After every meal I was focused on when the next meal would be. Continuous cravings!!! Was overcome by loneliness and financial issues and went on a binge eating spree for two days. Gained 3 pounds. Bud suggested I add more protein to my diet to curb the cravings and get more energy. I am going to do that. My energy has been low and that exacerbates my desire for food because I think I need to eat to have more energy. But I eat more carbohydrates to soothe myself and that drops my energy further. Very frustrating and I am extremely angry at myself. It makes me want to give up but I know this is part of the process and I have to just get back on plan. Will discuss this in individual and group therapy as well as with friends. This is the hardest challenge I have ever undertaken in my life!!! The food addiction is a moment by moment monumental struggle just like an alcoholic wanting to have a drink.
On the positive side, I have stayed committed to my exercise program, therapy, and overall have lost 12 pounds on the scale. In addition, on average my blood sugar levels continue to drop and are now below 150. The target is to get the average below 100.”
Ron is brave to share his most personal feelings and wants others that are in the same emotional space to know that this will happen from time to time.  Food addiction is a difficult addiction to break!  Stay tuned because Ron is determined to go forward one healthy meal at a time.