Ron’s Weight Loss Journey at Ultimate Fitness

After a little more than a month, Ron has lost 10 pounds on the scale.  His blood sugar went from 357 to a low of 155!  Even his blood pressure has decreased from 160/90 to 140/80. Go Ron! He exercises 4 days a week with Bud at Ultimate Fitness which includes aerobics and weight training.

Next week, at the monthly “Reunion” at Bud’s gym, he will get more statistics so that he will know his BMI and BMR.

Emotionally, he has his ups and downs, especially since he has cut out carbohydrates and sugar.  At times, feelings of sadness, grief, and anger bubble up.  He works with his therapist on the issues that are connected with these feelings.  The physical symptoms of withdrawal include headaches, low energy and anxiety.

What helps him stay on target during this crucial beginning period is to pay close attention to the meal plan that Bud devised and also to stay vigilant with his exercise. Reaching out for emotional support from friends when he’s feeling down helps to keep him from relapsing.

Stay tuned for more of Ron’s progress as the year continues!!