Weight Loss Programs

Transitional Functional Fitness

Filling the gap between physical therapy and continued wellness, we will help you to transition back into your daily routine and lifestyle.

Plus Size Fitness

This class is specifically only for those who need to lose 50 pounds or more, and caters to obese people wanting to change their lifestyle, and NOT people trying to maintain 10% body fat. 

Fit Kids

This Fit-Kids Program will help kids learn to incorporate a healthy lifestyle NOW before they reach adulthood.

Metabolism Testing

What is your metabolism? How many calories do you burn in a day?….We can tell you!

Body Fat Testing

Do you know how much fat you are carrying around on your body? We can tell you!

Bud’s Total Body Boot Camp

30 Day transformation, to help you jump start your metabolism, guaranteed weight loss up to 20lbs.

Mini-Boot Camp

1-week experience guaranteed to lose 1 dress/pant size.

Personal Training

1 on 1 …just you and your trainer work together, no waiting in line for equipment.

Psychology of Emotional Eating… What’s Eating You?

What’s holding you back? Now you have your personal coach to help you set and reach your goals.


Private or Semi-Private…you choose…burns 900 calories or more per class!


Be coached by one of Central Florida’s top Elite coaches. Infant to Adult.

Weight Loss fees now Deductible!

As of April 2, 2002, the IRS ruled (rev.rul. 2002-19) that costs associated with participation in a weight loss program for taxpayers suffering from a weight-related disease are now deductible. A physician prescription is required to access this deduction.

We are in the “Weight Loss Business!” We want everyone to be real “Losers.”

If you feel you struggle with your weight, you most likely fit into one of these two categories:

Lifelong Strugglers

As a Lifelong Struggler, you always remember being overweight. Whether you were overweight or a parent or individual told you that you were overweight, the fact remains that this has been a lifelong issue.

Slow Gainers

As a Slow Gainer usually you wake up one day and find yourself overweight. You have a slow consistent weight gain each year.

Which are you? Slow Gainer or Lifelong Struggler?

Both of these groups are different and require a different plan. We are here to help you. We deal with these issues, we don’t just sign you up and leave you on your own….we are there every workout, every day, and while you are on vacation!