5 Things NOT TO DO If You Want Your New Year’s Resolutions To Succeed:


  1. DO NOT go into Binge Mode:

    Everyone tends to pig out before the New Year and start fresh and healthy on January 1st. Most people will start out great and then within three weeks they fall off the fitness wagon. No matter when you start your fitness goals, if you want to succeed don’t over eat leading up to it. It only makes you start further back from the starting line.

  2. DO NOT Set Ultimatums:

    Setting ultimatums can be a negative and nagging reinforcement, not a gentle and an encouraging force to help you meet your fitness goals. They usually end with guilt if you are unsuccessful and do not follow through every single time. At best, ultimatums may provide a temporary solution, but your fitness goals should be a marathon not a sprint.

  3. DO NOT Have Unrealistic Goals:

    Many people will set unrealistic goals that are unobtainable in their set short time frame. Stating “I want to win in a bodybuilding competition in 2 months” may not be a productive goal because when you cannot complete the goal you may get discouraged and lose any momentum you had.

  4. DO NOT Go After Quick Fixes:

    Your fitness goals is an overall life change, not a “Fast Fix To Fit” guide that will make you thin instantly. A quick fix won’t change your life. Most quick fixes don’t work anyway. Even when they seem to work, they never have long lasting results. You owe it to yourself to change your life, and anything worthwhile takes time, dedication, and hard work.

  5.     DO NOT Go It Alone:

    Working out and achieving your fitness goals is never easy. With a support system, you are almost guaranteed to succeed! With accountability and a fun atmosphere full of smiling faces, Ultimate Fitness is a supportive group of people who want to succeed just like you! You don’t have to go it alone. Give us a call, send us a message, or stop in. We are here to help you change your life from the inside out.

Call or email to start your new year off right!

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Ultimate Fitness Presents At Arnold Palmer Hospital

Alessia Vivod, exercise coach at Ultimate Fitness Inc., presented at the Arnold Palmer Hospital “Healthy Lifestyle Program” event on Saturday, July 22. She spoke to over 50 adults and children on the topic of “Physical Hunger vs. Emotional Hunger” when making good nutritional food choices. She encouraged parents to listen to their children’s feelings and allow them to express them before automatically resorting to food to cope with the situation.
In above photo, she is being introduced by Dr. Safder. The event was sponsored by Southeast Produce Council.

Harriet’s Happy Hour Chamber Event

alessia-and-julieJulie Cole and Alessia Vivod from Ultimate Fitness, Inc. attended “Harriet’s Happy Hour,” a Winter Park Chamber event. This event was the kick off to Fashion Week on Park Avenue. Our hats in the photo were part of Harriet Lake’s collection. She is a well-known Central Florida philanthropist.

Personal Trainer, Alessia Vivod, Joins Ultimate Fitness, Inc.!

Alessia Vivod

Alessia Vivod

We are excited to introduce Alessia Vivod to our Ultimate Fitness, Inc. team! Alessia received an M.S. in Clinical Psychology from Barry University in Miami. In her study of the problem of obesity, she realized the importance of fitness for a healthy lifestyle. As an athlete herself, she was a high school standout in girls basketball and track. She also was a member of Barry University’s women’s basketball team.

Her passion to find a career that combined both psychology and wellness brought her to Ultimate Fitness, Inc. She wants to use her skills in psychology and exercise to help individuals struggling with food addiction and body issues. Her other main focus is childhood obesity, and she would like to help families learn how to break this cycle.

She is a mental health counselor under the supervision of well-known psychotherapist Sandy Canfield, L.M.H.C. in Winter Park, Florida.

Come meet Alessia and call to find out about her noontime stretch classes and group fitness classes at 407-599-9336.

Baby Boomers Love Ultimate Fitness!

Exercise Keeps Baby Boomers
Active and Healthy at Ultimate Fitness, Inc.

Baby Boomers are described as people born between 1946 and 1964. That’s a lot of us! So in 2106, that spans the age group of 51 to 70 years of age. Although we are still active and plan on living healthy lives, we notice that our bodies just don’t do what they used to do. This can be distressing until we realize that modification is our “new normal.”
Here at Ultimate Fitness, Inc., under the knowledgeable guidance of owner Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman, we learn how to work around problem areas so that we can still get a good workout and keep our bones healthy through weight training. Rosemarie is an exercise physiologist and health coach. She also helps us with any physical therapy exercises that we need to do because she has all the same equipment as a rehabilitation center.
Aging does not mean we stop exercising. In fact, we need to keep it up more consistently. Bud can tailor make a unique exercise program for anyone who needs adaptations to their fitness routine. When we work out in a group, it helps lift spirits and builds comradery. Come join us at Ultimate Fitness, Inc.

Friends and Family Fitness Class

On Friday, May 6, several employees from the OB/GYN Winter Park office of Dr. Wendy Whitcomb, joined us for their after work fitness class. Taylor LeBlanc from Smoothie King brought custom made nutritional low fat smoothies for the participants. They are called the chocolate Ultimate Fitness Gladiator and are available now at the store on Aloma new Lakemont. Yum!

Dr Whitomb's staff at workout

Dr. Whitcomb's staff at Girls Night Out

Ultimate Fitness Featured on WESH 2

Ultimate Fitness, Inc., Rosemarie “Bud” Seaman was interviewed on WESH Channel 2 with her client, Janine Hutchinson.  Janine has now lost over 210 pounds, thanks to her commitment to exercise and health and the coaching of Bud. Janine wants to inspire others and give them the courage to lose weight.

Janine's Channel 2 interview


Ultimate Fitness and Saylor Physical Therapy

We had a great meeting with Yordan and Allison, DPTs at Saylor Physical Therapy.  Saylor offers a personal and one on one service to their clients, very similar to the style of Bud at Ultimate Fitness.  Saylor was interested in knowing more about what we do at Ultimate Fitness so that they could have a caring place to refer their clients when they complete physical therapy. This could be a great relationship for our companies!  Thanks, Saylor, for contacting us to meet.

 L to R: Yordan, Bud, Allison, Julie

L to R:
Yordan, Bud, Allison, Julie